Connecting with Your Audience: A Good Video Will Move Donors to Act

I'm excited to introduce you to Kirsten Bunch of StoriedGlobal. She's one of our very first students — and she's already completed Nonprofit Film School!

StoriedGlobal is a creative consulting firm, helping mission-driven organizations tell the story of how they work and who they impact, aiming to connect with donors, investors, partners, volunteers and other audiences.

Kirsten's journey through Nonprofit Film School has armed her with knowledge of filmmaking, along with helpful tools and resources, which seamlessly apply to her expertise as a nonprofit consultant.

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Why do you do what you do? What's your heart behind your work?

I've been lucky to work in mission-focused organizations for over two decades. I can't imagine not working in this sector. It's where my heart is and I want to make sure that good organizations, doing important work, have the resources they need to continue to do their work.

Storytelling is a really important part of attracting donors, volunteers, partners and clients to a nonprofit. It's also key to making people aware of problems and injustices in our world. It's really important to me that the people who are generous and brave enough to share their stories with us have control over how their stories are told and shared. 


Why did you decide to enroll in Nonprofit Film School?  

I am always on the lookout for new tools that can help my nonprofit clients get better at telling the amazing stories of the work they do. When I heard about Nonprofit Film School, I immediately wanted to sign up, so that I could understand whether it's a good tool for my clients (it is!). I also wanted to learn more about filmmaking myself.


What did you hope to learn from Nonprofit Film School?

Normally, I work with a videographer or filmmaker on the video portion of telling my clients' stories. I often feel a bit out of my comfort zone, because I don't understand the details of video/filmmaking and sometimes have a difficult time communicating what I am looking for. So, I wanted to learn the basics about filmmaking and have more control over the filmmaking process. 


Which Course did you like the most?

I really liked the Post-Production section. "Editing is Storytelling," is so true. To me, it's where I have the opportunity to help my clients reach their donors, volunteers, partners and target clients with their stories and get the word out about the life-changing work they are doing. 


What are some of things you've learned from Nonprofit Film School?

If I had to set up a film/video division of a nonprofit, I would now have all the tools and resources I would need to do so. 


How does video apply to the work you're doing?

StoriedGlobal works with mission-focused organizations to tell the story of how they work and who they impact. Video is a huge part of storytelling, especially in today's environment. Many nonprofits don't prioritize the production of compelling videos in their budgets. I get it — it's hard when there are so many things competing for limited resources — but a good video will move donors to act! So, investing in a video will pay for itself.

A compelling video about your nonprofit will move people to act.