Become a Storytelling Nonprofit: Capturing Moments on Video as They Happen

Libby City Impact Nonprofit Film School Testimonial

I wish you could all meet Libby. She's a positive force with a heart of gold and the gusto to make good things happen. She's a coordinator at City Impact, passionately promoting to all of Lincoln the great potential of our youth in this city.

Minutes after enrolling in Nonprofit Film School, she exclaimed, "Loving it! My creative brain is just busting with ideas!"



City Impact inspires urban youth & their families to transform through God's love.



We use video for large fundraising events (like our annual Hopes and Dreams event), a few on social media, creating lessons with our youth, and we use them at "Lunch and Learns" to help community members learn more about City Impact.


Why did you decide to enroll in Nonprofit Film School?

We need help. We have so many great things happening here at City Impact, but sometimes we struggle with how to let others know what is happening in the lives of our program youth and their families. I don’t want our unfamiliarity with video production to hold us back from being able to spread the good news of what God is doing in Lincoln or have someone miss out on an opportunity to serve.

I'm hoping to gain competence and confidence in storytelling and video production. Normally, I would likely over shoot a moment to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but then end up missing a cinematic gold moment because I am out of battery or memory space when happens. With whatever I actually did catch on camera, I never really know what to do with it after the fact.

Nonprofit Film School has helped me to not only know what to do to capture those moments, but also to identify which moments I should be capturing. It’s all about looking for the moments and stories that give you goose bumps and make your heart jump. It’s about asking questions and seeing not just a person but a whole series of stories woven together to make them who they are today. And then, it is about sharing those moments with everyone on your team (donors, volunteers, community members), because honestly it is just selfish to keep those kind stories to yourself.

Nonprofit Film School has helped me to not only know what to do to capture those moments, but also to identify which moments I should be capturing.

Simply put, by being able to make videos in-house, we would be able to capture more moments. More stories. More reflections of God and His glory.


Which courses/modules WERE you most excited to go through?



What IS SOMETHING VALUABLE YOU'VE learned from Nonprofit Film School?

Stories. I have learned so much about stories and how to craft them in a way that helps others understand our message clearly. I have learned how important even the smallest of details are, such as wardrobe. I have learned helpful tips to enhance the creative process and vision casting, as well as what cameras or lighting might work best for our organization’s needs.


How to do you hope to improve your video storytelling at City Impact?

Our hope is that we could create a storytelling environment amongst our staff and continually capture cinematic moments during our programs. We would love to incorporate more videos into our communication with donors and community members — and having the capability to do it in-house is just the icing on the cake.


What kind of cameras do you use for making videos?

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 and iPhone


Have you ever had any other lessons in video making?



What is your familiarity/skill level with...

Storytelling: Beginner

Production: Beginner

Cameras and Other Equipment: Beginner

Editing: Beginner


why do YOU do what you do? What's your heart behind your work?

I love this question. I have so many reasons why I do what I do. At the root, this is it:

I believe God created us for community and that the times in our lives when we need it the most are when we are going through a storm. So many of our kids and their families are in the middle of storms right now: Financial storms. Custody battles. Growing up in homes without a mother or father figure. Stuck in abusive relationships. Trying so hard to fit in and feel loved that they got mixed in with the wrong crowd.

I want to help be a part of that community for them. Not to fix the problem or to tell them encouraging words, but to just be there. Sometimes all you need to get through that darkness is knowing that one person believes in you and is in it with you.

When I die, the only thing I want people to remember is that I loved others fiercely and without limits, out of an overflow of God’s love for me. City Impact gives me an opportunity to do that. To meet people where they are and to simply love them.


Tell us more about City Impact

By living and working alongside the people we serve, we embody the challenges and embrace the goals and dreams of tomorrow — together.

City Impact encourages youth within the inner-city to use their God-given talents to overcome some of life’s toughest struggles. By instilling hope and creating opportunities, City Impact meets the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of families living in our under-resourced neighborhoods. We empower people with practical resources, personal confidence and the Gospel from the inside out.

We aspire to be the best in the world at recognizing, investing in and encouraging the unique strengths of urban youth and families, so that their leadership makes a positive impact within their communities.