Create a Culture of Storytelling in 6 Days



Now that you've attended Cause Camp and have an arsenal of knowledge and encouragement, are you ready to start telling your stories through video?


It all starts with a culture of storytelling.




Stories are what we use to connect to others. Wouldn't it be great if your audience felt connected with you and what you do? What would it be like if they could see the difference you're making each day?

By following our strategy of seeking out and capturing your stories, you can share your best stories with the world!


IN This FREE course

Creating a Culture of Storytelling isn’t an overnight process. We’re going to dive into the same workflow we follow at Reliant Studios, so you can be successful in finding and telling stories for what you do and whom you serve.

Through daily emails, we'll walk you through our advice (what we know) and applicable tasks (what you'll put into action).

Boost your confidence in creating a culture of storytelling within your organization. And in only 6 days.

There's a lot of information and we've organized it in a way that's easy to follow — and easy to apply to what you're doing every day.


Here's what you can expect:

Day 1: Why does story matter?

Day 2: Know your goals.

Day 3: Know your audience.

Day 4: Know your One Big Idea.

Day 5: Capture your stories.

Day 6: Know that you can do it.



We're not going to give you tons of information with zero tactics for how to apply what you're learning — of course not — that's not how we work! Instead, as a BONUS, we'll include all sorts of additional resources to help you apply what you learn along the way.

You'll receive these resources to add to your arsenal of storytelling tools and guides:

  • Simple Messaging Strategy Editable PDF
  • Know Your Audience: Focus Group Prompts PDF
  • Story Vault Spreadsheet
  • Culture of Storytelling Recap PDF



YOUR Professor

Hi, I'm Allea, a professor at Nonprofit Film School, and I'm eager to walk you through our new email course! My goal is to help as many nonprofits — whether churches, higher education or nonprofits of any size — make storytelling a common train of thought.





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