Q. What is included in Nonprofit Film School?

Each user will have access to each of the 5 Courses in Nonprofit Film School, as well as all of the Course Manuals and Bonus Resources included in each Course.

5 Courses

  • Storytelling, Pre-Production, Production, Cameras & Equipment, Post-Production
  • Each Course includes 3-5 Modules
  • Our Course Manuals (downloadable PDFs) help you to follow along with the content in the Module videos, allowing you to reference different sections and make notes along the way

21 Modules Total

  • Modules are smaller topics related to a Course, where we break down loads of helpful content into more digestible pieces
  • Each Module has an instructional video, hosted by one of our Professors, where we explain one topic in-depth

Bonus Resources

  • We’ve included downloadable (and a few that are even editable) resources for you to track what you’re learning, use for your own Pre-Production planning and Production days, as well as checklists for you to keep handy for when you’re on set or in Post-Production.


Q. How long do I have access to the SCHOOL?

After enrolling, you'll have access to this course for 12 months.


Q. How do Group plans work?

Group plans are intended for one organization to purchase access to Nonprofit Film School for up to five users. The individual who signs up for the plan (the “Group Administrator”) will gain access to Nonprofit Film School immediately. Then, within approximately one business day, the Group Administrator will receive an email with a unique coupon code for the other four users to access to the school for $0. (Be sure they sign up for the “Group” plan and enter the coupon code when checking out.)

Each group member will have access to the school for 12 months after the date the Group plan was purchased by the Group Administrator, after which point the access to Nonprofit Film School will need to be renewed. Example: If a user creates their account 2 months after the Group plan was created, they will have access to the school for 10 months.

Group plan users must all have the same email domain to qualify for Group pricing.


Q. Is there any personal interaction with the teachers? What if I have questions while going through the School?

Nonprofit Film School is primarily a self-guided online school. However, students have the ability to post comments under each course. Comments will be regularly monitored and replied to by our teachers.


Q. What devices does Nonprofit Film School support?

The school is optimized to work from the browsers of computers, tablets and mobile devices.


Q. Am I able to switch from a Solo to a Group plan?

Certainly! Reach out to us and we’ll get your team set up and ready to go.


Q. What is your refund policy?

We have worked really hard over a period of two years to develop a curriculum that we are confident you will gain a lot from! However, if you are completely unsatisfied within the first 7 days, you can contact us to discuss a potential refund.