Our talented team of film industry experts will guide your journey to better filmmaking.


Meet the Professors


Mike Sukraw

Mike is the CEO and Executive Producer at Reliant Studios. He started Reliant in 2004 while still a film student, and today his company reflects his passion for excellence and his desire to tell authentic stories.

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Kristin Sukraw, MA, LMHP

Kristin is President and Producer at Reliant Studios and basically a savant at drawing people's stories out on camera. She imparts priceless insight on the importance of authenticity, the power of listening and how to set the right tone for your project.

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Jared Staab

Jared is our Director of Photography and Editor. With a degree in Video and Film and a background as a cinematographer, he has vast knowledge of story conceptualization, shot composition, camera operation and editing.

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Meet your TA



Allea is the Director of Operations for Nonprofit Film School and she's the Production Coordinator at Reliant Studios. She’s responsible for coordinating people, places, schedules and all sorts of details. At Nonprofit Film School, she’s the control center, the one behind-the-scenes making sure you have an amazing experience by ensuring everything's running smoothly.

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Meet our Contributors


Josh Rusler

Josh is the Coordinating Producer at Reliant Studios. He’s often busy coordinating everything related to production, including crew, talent, locations and more. He’s a problem-solver with an eye for details, always thinking ahead and serving others well every step of the way. 


Carrie Todd

Carrie is an editor at Reliant Studios. With a degree in film, she has worked on a variety of productions, being drawn to authentic storytelling. She’s quick to discover new techniques in editing, encouraging our team to keep growing and learning.


Mickey Seiler

Mickey is an editor at Reliant Studios. With a background in news and film, he’s always thinking of what the future could hold and how he can make it happen. He has a heart for stories of hope, love, loss and redemption.


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