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Oh, hey!

I’m Kristin. I’m so honored for the opportunity to get to teach you all about some of the things I am most passionate about.

I’m a native Nebraskan and I absolutely love it. To me, there is nothing quite like the prairie. It is vast and beautiful, still a little wild and unpopulated. There’s nothing quite like the feelings of nostalgia it can evoke and the ability it gives me to shift my mind into a quiet, contemplative state.

I love helping people make sense of their stories.


I suppose that is a lot of who I am: quiet and contemplative; fiercely competitive; a lover of books and a student of excellence in general (Disney being one of my very favorite teachers). I discovered my gift for counseling while I was a in my junior year at the University of Nebraska. That lead me to pursue my Master of Arts in Counseling from Denver Seminary — a place that united both my passion for serving others with my passion for God.

I love helping people make sense of their stories. Through counseling, I was able to guide them as they narrated their story in a way that ultimately brought healing to both themselves and others. That was the very thing I saw Reliant helping organizations do on a larger scale, so I left my counseling practice, because I knew I could help them tell those stories even better.

What else do I love? My husband, my cat (Emerson!), animal rescuing, prairie thunderstorms, carbohydrates, interior decorating and bringing order to chaos.

I can’t wait to meet you through Nonprofit Film School, and I hope you enjoy all that we have created for you!