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Hey there!

I’m Allea. It’s pronounced like Allie. My full name is Allison Lea Grummert, and I’ve been confusing phonetic-reading folks for my entire life. However, if you call me Uh-lee-uh, I’ll still reply :)

I’ve lead a simple life, growing up in a town of 118 people, with summers at the pool, a pet duck named Sunflower, years of softball dirt on my hands and nothing more than a deck of cards for hours of fun. Nothing compares with being able to see far and wide, across Nebraska fields and gravel roads — I suppose you’d call me a “Flatlander,” and I suppose I’d agree. 

I’ve got an affinity for discovering music, blogging, cozy things (read: moccasins), world travel, sunshine and making lists. In fact, I make lots of lists a lot of the time.

Now, rewind. At 18, I packed up and moved to the big city. “Big” being a relative term, that is. I was in a totally new element, making friends and taking classes and losing notes and missing alarms just like every college freshman. And I loved every minute of it.

I primarily studied Advertising and Public Relations (though I also took every History class they’d let me in) and wondered what my mark would be in this “real” world they told me existed. I never once changed my major. I fell in love with Advertising — the idea that we can create a personality around a brand, foster a community behind a cause and drive people to action. I was never the “creative” genius in our group projects, but I was the one who made things happen. I was a different kind of creative...the Type A kind.

Shortly after I graduated, I sought a career where I could use my strengths to help make a difference. Each cover letter said, “My desire is to promote the honest and credible work of others in ways that are engaging, truthful and meaningful." I wanted to change the world one spreadsheet at a time. 

My desire is to promote the honest and credible work of others in ways that are engaging, truthful and meaningful.

At Reliant, I have the opportunity to work with dozens of nonprofits who are doing immense good on a daily basis. I get to help them clarify their audience, seek a convicting message through story and engage viewers to act.

I’ve been behind-the-scenes, organizing content and the flow of lessons in Nonprofit Film School, checking spelling and adding commas to manuals, so that you can learn what we already know about video and it’s power to move people. 

I desire that video will help you continue to do good, wherever you are and whomever you’re serving.