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Hi! I’m Jared :)

Welcome to the wonderful world of filmmaking! You know, it used to seem like a daunting world to step into, but with the proliferation of cameras on phones getting better and better these days, it’s now a world most people have already stepped into on their own. At least with baby steps!

I, myself, stepped into this world at the age of 14. Equipped with an old VHS camcorder, a couple of bad wigs and a shared love of Beastie Boys and ‘Pulp Fiction,’ my friends and I spent a whole summer making an amazing video* that combined all of those things. We loved every minute of it. For me, in particular, I had found my passion.

That passion has since taken me all over the place: from the Midwest to the South where I earned my degree in film at the Savannah College of Art & Design, to Provence in France where I studied and attended the Cannes Film Festival, from coast to coast capturing wounded veterans’ stories, and all the way to Nepal in a mission to shed light on the fight against sex-trafficking. I am extremely grateful for my passion and where it’s led me. Now it’s led me to this: helping you tell your story and why you’re passionate about what you do!

I am extremely grateful for my passion and where it’s led me.

Equipped with over 10 years of professional experience, over 10,000 hours of movie watching and probably over 100,000 mostly useless trivia facts, I couldn’t be more excited to pass some of my knowledge onto you.

With Nonprofit Film School, we want to pull you further into the world of filmmaking and help you tell the stories that surround you. It’s not a crash course in video (the internet has more than enough of those already!). It’s a comprehensive set of videos to give you the tools and skills that’ll help your videos not only stand apart from others, but standup for what you do!

I truly can’t wait to see your story unfold. It’s going to be awesome :)

*It wasn’t amazing. It was a terrible, ripped off, unfinished mess of a “movie.” I still loved every minute of it, though!