What You'll Gain


We don’t expect that you know everything about storytelling, equipment or editing videos just yet — and that’s okay!

We have created our lessons to be short, easy-to-understand and ready for you to implement right away.

Our Bonus Resources keep your video-making process moving forward.


Filmmaking Best Practices

“You have to know the rules before you can break them.” But what are the rules?

Understanding filmmaking best practices — about lighting, composition and editing — will help make your video stand out, grab the attention of your audience and share your story in a way that’s clear of distractions and full of heart.


Everything in One Place

Everything you need to make convicting and beautiful videos for your organization is in one place.

With a few hours of time, a mindset of dedication and the heart of a confident storyteller, you’ll see a return on investment after completing the first lesson.


Compelling Stories

Did you know that there are techniques used to tell stories well? Movies use them, comic strips use them and now you can use them too.

Our two favorite story structures, as well as our tips for interviewing, will equip you to draw out your best stories on camera.


Equipment Explained

For any novice (and let’s be honest, intermediate) filmmaker, understanding equipment can be a hurdle. We break that down for you, explaining the differences in equipment. 

Plus, our Equipment Guide is full of our recommendations for everything from cameras and lighting to editing software and stock resources.



Each Course comes with a manual that you can print off and use to follow along with the videos. We included “Put it to Practice” sections and “Pro Tips” in each, giving you real life examples of applying what you’ve learned.

We don’t leave you hanging on a few nice thoughts — you get to take what you’ve learned and apply it to the work you’re doing.


Expertise Simplified

Trusted by nonprofits for years, the Reliant Studios team has worked with universities, churches, state departments, domestic and international nonprofit organizations to tell their stories through video.

We toiled over the content for Nonprofit Film School for two years before launching, making sure we included the most important tips, tricks and best practices.