What's included?


Nonprofit Film School is set up as five courses, broken down into 21 different modules.

Each module is centered on a video with one of our Professors, with engaging content, lighthearted music and on-screen text for complex topics.


The Courses



Learn how to tell your story in an engaging and compelling way — one that moves your audience to compassion and action.



We cover everything you need to do to set your shoot up for success (including some key industry insights that you may have overlooked).



Conquer that intimidation of technical components once and for all as you become familiar with production basics.



Arm yourself with the right gear for the job and get a comprehensive understanding of what’s what (and why it matters).



Master the art of finishing what you started. This module covers everything you need to know to turn your video into a cohesive, compelling final product that you can be proud of.