"I love the Simple Creative Process! We have already used it twice.

Nonprofit Film School covered so much more than I thought I would be getting! I assumed just a few general "how to" videos with ideas that would be outside of our probable logistics. I was so wrong. All of the information can be used no matter your size, skill level or financial situation."

City Impact

Libby Moderow City Impact
Brenda Weyers Nebraska Children

"Moments always come up. We’re finding so many ways that video can help us, and we’re trying to use video in new and different ways. If we can do these videos in-house, we can be nimble and turn it around quickly, but still we want it to look somewhat professional."

Nebraska Children


"It's clear that our target market responds well to video. We try to be fun but informative. I've seen videos provide an increase in our key metrics — so more and better videos should produce even better results!"


Jason Combs EducationQuest
Kirsten Bunch StoriedGlobal

"Video is a huge part of storytelling, especially in today's environment. Many nonprofits don't prioritize the production of compelling videos in their budgets....but a good video will move donors to act!"

After completing Nonprofit Film School, she said, "If I had to set up a film/video division of a nonprofit, I would now have all the tools and resources I would need to do so."